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Hey guys!

I'm not one for writing blogs or journals, but I wanted to share a little something that I've been working on ever since the Riddick competition (still bummed out I didn't make top 3).

I wanted to upload the following video to dA, but it's too long and it would've made for a pretty clumsy Flash submission. So instead, here is the YouTube link:

The video contains a look at the 3D model of a Gremlin that I've been working on for quite some time now. Specifically, the video takes a look at the rig and the range of motion that one can achieve with it. The Gremlin is nowhere near done (he still needs color, specular and normal map textures), but he is fully rigged and ready to be animated.

I also have a tutorial video up on YouTube (which is about 45-50 minutes long), which is a set-by-step guide on how to generate a spline UI-based facial animation system in 3ds MAX, using morph targets generated in Zbrush. You can take a look at it here:

I hope you guys like the videos! :)

- Ralph

Hey guys!

Finally received my Hot Toys Classic Predator! I really, really, really need a better camera. I just wanted to share how awesome this figure is! Here's a vid of him:

He comes with way more than I showed in this video (i.e. retractable gauntlet blade, highly detailed base, holograms, alternate mandibles, battle-damaged helmet).

Really beautiful figure, awesomely crafted! Just to be clear, this figure isn't based off of the 1987 Predator, but off of the Predator seen in Predators (the captive one at the end of the flick).

I will shoot detailed reviews of all of my figures the moment I can afford a better camera! :)

For now, enjoy! And if you can afford to get one of these awesome figures, do it!

Also, here's another video with my collection prior to adding the Predator:…

- Fox
Hey guys!

I just made a shirt out of the most recent Clint Eastwood model that I made over at
Here's my submission:

The voting over the next 7 days will determine whether or not it will get printed.

So please do me a huge,huge, huge favor and go here:…

Check the I'd Buy It "As a Tee" and "As a Print" boxes, and hit that big five :) You can sign in using your facebook account as well. So no registration necessary.

Thanks guys!